Number Institutional name Result Accreditation Certificate
1 The University of Danang – University of Education 01/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
2 University of Transport and Communication 02/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
3 University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang 03/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
4 University of Economics – The University of Danang 04/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
5 The University of Danang – University of Foreign Language Studies 05/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
6 International University, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City 06/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
7 University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City 01/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
8 Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry 02/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
9 University of Information Technology - Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City 03/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
10 University of Economics and Law - Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City 04/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
11 Foreign Trade University 05/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
12 University of Science, Vietnam National University- Ho Chi Minh City 06/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
13 Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy 07/NQ-HĐKĐLC See here
14 Saigon University 08/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
National Economics University
14/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Vinh University
See here
Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema
16/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Banking Academy
17/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Hue University of Science
18/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
 Hong Duc University
19/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Dong Thap University
20/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Ha Noi University of Industry
22/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Vietnam National University of Agriculture
23/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Thai Nguyen University of Education
24/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Hanoi National University of Education
25/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
Hanoi Medical University
26/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
27 Hue University of Education 01/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here

VietNam Maritime University

02/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
29 Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 03/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
30 Vietnam National University of Forestry 04/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
31 Hue College of Economics, Hue University 05/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
32 Hanoi University of Mining and Geology 06/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
33 Hanoi Law University 07/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
34 University of Foreign Languages, Hue University 08/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
35 Hung Yen University of Technology and Education 09/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
36 Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment 10/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
37 Hanoi University of Pharmacy  11/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
38 Hoa Binh University 12/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
39 Bac Ninh University of Physical Education and Sports 13/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
40 Tay Do University 14/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
41 Hanoi Open University 15/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
42 Thuongmai University 16/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
43 University of Labour and Social Affairs 17/NQ-HĐKĐCL See here
44 Dong Nai Technology University 18/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
45 National Academy of Education Management 19/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
46 Electric Power University 20/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
47 Thang Long University 21/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
48 Ha Tinh University 22/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
49 Trade Union University 23/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
50 University of Law, Hue University 24/NQ-HĐKĐCL  
51 Nam Dinh College of Education 25/NQ-HĐKĐCL