National Cooperation

The Center for Education Accreditation – Viet Nam National University (VNU-CEA) was established in September 2013 (according to Decision No.3568/QD-BGDDT dated 05/9/2013 of the Minister of Education and Training). Licensed to operate in November 2014 (according to Decision No.5128/QD-BGDDT dated 04/11/2014 by the Minister of Education and Training). Accordingly, the center conducts educational quality assurance activities with subjects of tertiary education, colleges, professional secondary schools, and higher education programs (colleges, universities, masters, doctors) and professional secondary education programs (intermediate level professional).

VNU-CEA has signed an agreement with the University area as University of Da Nang, Hue University and Thai Nguyen University and the other educational to Education quality Accreditation unit level and program level educate. A number of cooperation agreements have been signed:


- VNU-CEA  and Thai Nguyen University

- VNU-CEA  and Da Nang University

- VNU-CEA  and Hue University