Preliminary site visit at Hue University of Education

On June 19th 2017, the Assessment team from Vietnam National University, Center for Education Accreditation (VNU-CEA) carried out a preliminary site visit at the Hue University of Education in order to prepare for the actual site visit, according to the quality assessment standards at institutional level set by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

Delegates from VNU-CEA included Dr. Ta Thi Thu Hien - Vice-director and the Supervisor of the Assessment team. The representatives of the  Assessment Team Members, included Prof. Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan - Team Leader, Dr. Hoang Thi Xuan Hoa – Secretary, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Van Tuan - Permanent member. On the side of the Hue University of Education, there were Dr. Le Anh Phuong - Rector, members of the Board of Rectors, leaders of the units and departments and representatives of faculty, staff, learners of the university.

TS. Lê Anh Phương, Hiệu trưởng Trường ĐH Sư phạm, ĐH Huế phát biểu

In the preliminary site visit, the VNU-CEA delegates briefly presented the desktop assessment results and findings based on the self-assessment report, discussed the tentative plan and the provisions, including physical facilities and logistics, additional evidents, and interviewees groups for the actual site visit.      

At the preliminary site visit, the Vice-Director of VNU-CEA, The Assessment Team Leader and the Rector of the Hue University of Education signed the record of the preliminary site visit. The actual site visit at the Hue University of Education is planned to be from July, 26th to 30th 2017.